LakeRidge_15_VIEWHere’s a unique method to raise short-term funds for your business or your Cause.  Participate in the
San Diego Business Alliance
Golf Challenge

on July 10, 2009.

You could raise significant funds for your organization or for a cause you support.

By bringing together a group of businesses to enter a maximum of 72 golfers and secure an unlimited number of virtual golfers, this unique tournament reduces the cost of entry for each organization while maximizing the return.

Participating businesses share 80% of the tournament proceeds.


Follow this link to view a slide show
and learn more details
about the event.



golfcoursesAugust 6, 2009
Carlton Oaks, Santee, CA

Nonprofits share 75% of net proceeds from this tournament. Viral marketing through Virtual Golfers and pledgers is the key to success, shifting the paradigm of fund raising.
Follow this link for more details about this unique fund raising event.

NPthumbnail_smallWatch the slide show
for details.

This is an example of how nonprofits and for-profit companies can help one another to increase visibility and raise significant funds for their cause without a lot of work or hefty entry fees.

Find out how this works, and join the fun! Sign up today to help your organization or cause increase its sustainability.


A Better way to learn golf…B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf – teaching persons with disabilities to overcome their everyday challenges through the game of golf.


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