Posted by: Jeri Denniston | March 16, 2010

What Makes a Marketing Leader?

I’ve started a poll on LinkedIn and would appreciate your feedback. ¬†You can access the poll by clicking the link below.

Marketing Leader Poll

What do you consider the most important attribute of a senior marketing leader, regardless of the industry? I’m curious to know if people skills outweigh product or industry knowledge. Or should the person be a strategic thinker or are analytical skills more important.

What do you think?



  1. Great question Jeri! One thing that has been popping up in my mind has been commitment!

    Commitment has been the driving force in many of the leaders in my profession and commitment has been the foundation to things like conference calls, team meetings and most importantly, I have seen commitment breed daily consistant action.

    Great intriquing posts you have on your blog!

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