Posted by: Jeri Denniston | October 8, 2009

Edumarketing: A Different Way to Attract Customers

Edumarketing is all about educating your customers about the products and services you offer and how they solve your customers problems.

Spend some time thinking about what problem(s) you’re really solving with your products and services. This is challenging, especially if you offer a service. Keep asking yourself what’s the problem I’m solving until you get down to the real core issue. The first two or three answers are the easy ones…the real root of the problem your services address will be found by the time you’ve asked the question five or six times.

Once you’ve identified the problem, look at how you’re communicating to your customers. Are you talking about solutions and benefits? Are you describing how you solve the pain they may be feeling? That’s the message you want to communicate in a variety of ways: through articles, webinars, short videos, newsletters, emails, Twitter updates, and your blogs.

And always provide your customers and prospects with a way to learn more about you with links to your website, your shopping cart (if they’re ready to buy), your email address, etc.

Do those things and you’re at least a step closer to attracting more customers and positively affecting your bottom line.


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